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Sulfur in Cosmetics – The Secret to Beautiful Skin Forever


Sulfur is also known as the beauty mineral so sulfur in cosmetics is an excellent way to ensure beautiful skin forever.

Over the past 30 odd years an organic form of Sulfur (also spelled sulphur) has continued to help people find relief ...Read More

Green Tea Can Make You Look Younger


Anti aging products, remedies and treatments are extremely popular all over the world. Especially women spend thousands of dollars just to get hold of the right product that will make them appear younger and reduce wrinkles on their face. That is ...Read More

An Alternative to Kopi Luwak – For the Ultimate Gourmet Coffee Experience You Can Try Legendee


Kopi Luwak is often regarded as the gourmet coffee delight of Southeast Asia. It is also known as “Civet Coffee” or “Weasel Coffee” because it is made from beans that have passed through the digestive tract of the civet–a cat-like or ...Read More

When Do We Stop Growing And Start Aging?


It’s not very easy to say at what age one stops growing and the aging process actually starts. The human body is a very complex system. To understand the whole, you need to dissect the rest of the parts. It’s like ...Read More

Eternity Commitment: The 21st Century Alternative to Marriage: Never be Divorced!


The time is here for a new paradigm in lifelong relationships. During the 20th Century, it was clear that what has been the model and structure for lifetime monogamous relationships was NOT WORKING! I am referring to the dysfunctional relationship called ...Read More

Botanical Vitality Resveratrol Review – Does Botanical Vitality Work For Anti Aging?


Botanical Vitality Resveratrol is an herbal blend that promises to promote longevity with ease. This supplement mainly utilizes the properties of concentrated resveratrol, pomegranate, and grape seed for supporting a healthy life. It also prevents various deadly diseases such as diabetes, ...Read More

Does Azelaic Acid Cream Work For Wrinkles?


This article discusses whether azelaic acid cream works to treat wrinkles.

You may have recently decided to fight back against your wrinkles and are looking for an effective way to get rid of them. While wrinkles can be a normal stage of ...Read More

Alternative Energy Sources For Future Cars


A threefold understanding would emphasize the importance of alternative energy resources in the near future

  • The reasons behind why the mentality towards the use of alternative energy resources will change, over the next half century.
  • How this change (i.e. the use of alternative ...Read More

3 Dangerous Ingredients in Anti Aging Anti Wrinkle Cream


Lies are profitable! They are also dangerous if cosmetic companies include potentially harmful ingredients in their range, especially the anti aging anti wrinkle cream products. They may even claim they are natural, but they are very often full of dangerous toxins.

If ...Read More

Tongue Ring Retainers Are A New Alternative To Traditional Tongue Rings


Everyone knows about the ever popular accessory for their mouths, the tongue ring. But have you ever heard of a retainer for a tongue piercing? Many people think of braces when they hear the word “retainer” so tongue retainers are unique ...Read More