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Pros and Cons of Critical Ilness Insurance Coverage


Critical illness insurance is a relatively new type of policy that is frequently misunderstood. Today, we will clarify what it is, and what it covers.

How Does Critical Illness Insurance Work?

Critical illness is similar to term life insurance, except it ...Read More

Cosmetic Surgery for Everyone


In times past, cosmetic surgery was generally seen as something that was done due to a disfigurement or because a person had some type of genetic disorder. And even then people tended to shy away from having surgery, unless it was ...Read More

Choosing Between Speech Pathology Or Occupational Therapy As a Career


Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy are rewarding and challenging careers that involve helping people with a limiting physical condition. Both careers focus on helping people overcome life challenges so they can adjust and live a productive life.

When considering a career in ...Read More

Daily Routine of a Physiotherapist


Physiotherapy is one of the most variable practices in medicine and as such, the daily routine of the therapist is changed dependent on the patient’s condition. To better understand the typical routine it is important to understand the role of a ...Read More

Options For Permanent Birth Control


Many women choose to undergo a permanent birth control procedure while this procedure has become a medical necessity for many others. Permanent birth control can be achieved through several effective methods these days. One such popular method is the tubal ligation ...Read More

The High Cost of Plastic Surgery


Plastic or cosmetic surgery helps to improve a person’s form and appearance. Cosmetic surgery is used mostly for beauty reasons or to improve a person’s appearance. The costs of cosmetic surgery are high. Cosmetic surgery is done on those who have ...Read More

How to Plan and Design an Ayurvedic Wellness Spa


With the present-day lifestyle getting hectic and busier by the day, one thing that is getting scarce is perhaps the availability of time for oneself, one’s family or for ones wellbeing. This scenario is not only scary but also dangerous as ...Read More

Understanding the Differences Between OCD and Phobias


Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between OCD and a phobia. There is a sense in which most anxiety sufferers have an obsession – if you spend all your time worrying about having a panic attack, or finding a spider, ...Read More

Build Muscle and Recover Quickly With Cissus Quadrangularis



Often when looking around to try and find a new supplement to build muscle, aid recovery and stimulate muscle growth, people often turn to creatine monohydrate or amino acids such as glutamine, the more ‘well known’ supplements. However there is one ...Read More

Birth Control Pills – Not Everything You’ve Heard Is True


It seems that the same tired old wife’s tales surrounding birth control pills are still popular today. These myths have been handed down throughout generations, and nothing can seemingly shake them from the public’s consciousness. And while some may carry a ...Read More