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The Innovative Brigg Ultra Ergonomic Recliner and Why It’s the Best of the Best


As an ergonomic recliner, the Brigger Ultra Recliner is the ultimate in comfort as well as one of the best models you can purchase. No matter what you want to do in this chair you can very easily and comfortably recline ...Read More

Exercise Is King – Again


Exercise is King

Like most mature adults, I am on high blood pressure medication. Which I find really irritating. SO I have been looking for ways to reduce my blood pressure enough to not need the chemical medications I am taking.

As always, ...Read More

So is Marcy Weight Training Equipment Really That Good?


There is a variety of fitness equipment, each to fit the needs of the individual, from free weight equipment that requires a workout bench, to home gym leg & hip machines or home gym weight machines; there are different designs and ...Read More

How to Keep the Environment Clean

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The two aspects of our environment most invoked when we talk about keeping the environment clean are litter and water pollution. We will discuss both in this article.


Litter is ugly and it can harm people and wildlife. Picking up litter can ...Read More

I Was Freed From Suicidal Thoughts With EFT

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On January 7th, 2011, I decided to commit suicide. It was a crisp, sunny, Friday afternoon and I was walking on an overpass with a busy freeway underneath. There was a concrete barrier beside me, and a chain link fence on ...Read More

That Penis Rash: Eczema or Psoriasis?

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Presenting the manhood to a partner, especially a new one, is a big moment, and one that guys want to make a big impression. Unfortunately, few things can mar that good impression more than an unsightly penis rash. A bedmate is ...Read More

Save Our Environment by Vacuum Forming

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It’s time to participate in saving our planet by decreasing plastic trash and recycled them into functional materials. As we know, plastic trash becomes a big problem for all countries. This plastic material can’t be diminished just like other materials; in ...Read More

Why Do I Keep Choking When I Eat and Yet I Can Still Breathe


Have you asked; why do I keep choking when I eat, and yet I can still breathe? There are some alarming facts that have been gathered, see if you fall into any of these typical choking statistics. You are just about ...Read More

Ringing in Ears Blood Pressure Problems – 3 Tips to Stop the Whooshing Noise in You Ears


You probably already know that hearing loss and its unwelcome cousin, tinnitus is most often caused by subjecting your ears to loud noises. Other causes include head injuries, sinus and ear infections, wax build-up, high cholesterol, TMJ problems or dental problems, ...Read More

Relief of Tinnitus – Ringing in the Ears


Hearing tinnitus noises or ringing sometimes can be as a result of aspirin or salicylate intake. Foods high in salicylate content are almonds, apricots, cherries, nectarines, oranges, peaches, pickles, plums, prunes, raisins, all berries, apples, cucumbers, grapes, tomatoes and many kinds ...Read More