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Why is Aerobics Exercise So Popular?


Since 1970, the aerobics exercise has become increasingly popular. Hundreds of aerobics exercise videos were sold. There are many different kind of aerobics exercise being performed all over the world.

Aerobics exercise is a special type of exercise which generally involves rapid ...Read More

Herbal Colon Cleansing – An Alternative To Colonic Irrigation


If you haven’t heard of colonic irrigation or colon hydrotherapy by now then the chances are you have been hibernating for the last couple of years. Cleansing your colon has become the “in” thing to do, male or female, young ...Read More

Acupuncture For Hives – Correcting Your Qi As Treatment For Urticaria Sufferers


Most common urticaria treatments available today aren’t really cures in any form, but rather a way of masking the unpleasant symptoms of hives. An antihistamine or steroidal shot may do just the trick in relieving the itching and burning on the ...Read More

Flowers and Allergies


Flowers are beautiful. They brighten up a room and make everything in it seem more beautiful, more cheerful. For most people a vase of flowers on the table signifies that that room is a happy one, a comfortable place to ...Read More

Have You Tried This Severe Acne Treatment?


If you have severe acne condition then I highly recommend you treat it with this vegetable…


Why radish?

Simply because radishes contain natural bleaching agents and powerful antioxidant properties that will help:

  • Reduce the swelling of pimples thus, reducing pimple sizes and minimize the ...Read More

Aerobic Exercise and the FITT Principle


Cardiorespiratory fitness best describes the health and function of the heart, lungs and circulatory system. Cardiorespiratory fitness also describes the capacity of the lungs to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide with the blood, and the transportation of nutrients and waste products ...Read More

The Rake Philosophy – 10 Min’s to Total Mind-Body-Spirit Connection!


The Way Of The Rake

Many years ago in the southern regions of a land far away lived a man by the name of Hewko. A poor man by providential state but rich in Mind, Body and Spirit.

“Relationships” he would say, “are ...Read More

Treating Phobias With Acupuncture – Is There Any Point?


Many people may find it very difficult to believe that acupuncture is considered by some to be able to help treat phobias. This article investigates if there is any point in using acupuncture for phobias. Firstly let’s compare the difference between ...Read More

Acne And Your Blood Type Diet


Getting To Know More About Acne And The Blood Type Diet

Did you know that Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s revolutionary Blood Type Diet (also known as the genotype Diet) is being tried out by a large number of people suffering from acne? The ...Read More

Allergies and Yeast Infections – Do They Go Together?


Allergies and yeast infection are closely connected. Just as yeast infections are very common, so are yeast allergies. A yeast infection does cause and aggravate allergy. The yeast allergens cause symptoms of hives, itching, nasal congestion, bronchitis, skin rashes, asthma and ...Read More