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Tips to Choose the Best Hospitals for Cancer Treatment

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If you or your loved one has got cancer, make sure you get the best medical treatment. What you need to do is choose a good cancer treatment hospital. Given below are some tips to help you make the choice without ...Read More

Prostate Gland Function, Problems and Diet


The prostate gland is a part of male reproductive system. It surrounds the male urethra, which is a tube and gives a passage to the flow of urine from the bladder up to the outside of the body. The main function ...Read More

How to Tell If it is Hemorrhoids Or Enlarged Prostate


If you have never experienced either condition then it may have difficulty when trying how to tell if it is hemorrhoids or enlarged prostate. Hemorrhoids are actually enlarged veins in the lower rectum and anus and tend to clear up after ...Read More

What Causes Prostatitis?


To be perfectly honest, nobody knows what exactly causes prostatitis. Most doctors are not as concerned with prostatitis as they are with prostate cancer and therefore do not concentrate so much on it. This is because most of the time prostatitis ...Read More

Prostate Stones – What Are the Symptoms?

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Prostate stones are very common in men as they age. These stones are simply calcified protein particles that in medical terminology are called corpora amylacea. In the medical trials performed so far, they have not been able to figure out the ...Read More

Prostate Cancer Can Be Arrested or Reversed by Enhanced Pycnogenol – A Review

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Most elderly men have prostate disease and we are told that all men over 70 will have it. I am 73 and have never had the problem. But there is a reason. You see, fifteen years ago when I was 58 ...Read More

How Turmeric Helped Cure My Prostate Cancer and Turmeric Health Benefits


Turmeric helped save my life. In 2012 I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. As you can imagine being told you have cancer is not a pleasant experience. Fortunately I had just started a 10 week secondment in a remote area of ...Read More

Prostate Cancer – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment


Prostate cancer is a malignant tumor that consists of cells from the prostate gland. The cause of prostate cancer is unknown, but it is not believed to be related to benign prostatic hypertrophy. The risk factors for prostate cancer include advancing ...Read More

Understanding the Prostate Cancer Stages


There are 5 relevant prostate cancer stages that one must be aware of to understand the full scope of the disease. Prostate cancer is one of the deadliest cancers affecting men today. More men die from Prostate Cancer then ...Read More

There is Toxic Sludge in Your Body – Remove it Naturally With a Full Body Detox

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Sadly, something terrible happens to our bodies as we grow older. There are toxic substances that will linger there unless measures are taken to remove them. Our bodies are able to flush some of these toxins out on their own, but ...Read More