How to Avoid Eczema Triggers and Stimulants of Atopic Dermatitis Rashes


Eczema is known for it’s characteristic flare-ups and unfortunately can be a chronic condition for many people. Identifying what precedes the eczema rash is helpful. Like anything in life, if we know the condition that gives rise to the situation, we are close to stopping the consequences. For instance, psychologically speaking, someone can catch that whenever they speak to their ex-boyfriend they feel sad and withdraw from others. Knowing this can help them to evaluate whether this is something to avoid at this time in their life.

With eczema, there are certain factors that one should be cognizant about. For instance, for myself, I found that wearing nylons to work last summer caused eczema flare-ups. My skin was perspiring and this was not a good combination with nylon. I’d go in and out of air conditioned buildings and the rash on my legs seemed to worsen.

Others notice that wearing wool is not good for their skin and results in a red, itchy dermatitis rash. Be sensitive to your own skin and what it can tolerate. Cotton is always the safest choice. Most people can tolerate cotton as it breathes.

In addition to what you wear on your skin, HOW you wash your clothing as well as body is quite critical. Do you react to borax? Is this added in to your washes? Are you better off with a sensitive skin detergent, even if it costs more? Are you using fragrances in your washing machine? What about fabric softeners? These can cause eczema skin reactions and need to be analyzed.

When you bathe or shower are you scrubbing your skin? It is best to not do this. Dermatologists often recommened dove for sensitive skin. I’ve found that I also do well with miracle ii soap or soaps made with neem oil. Moisturizing is essential but again you want to be sure you aren’t allergic to the ingredients in the moisturizer you use. Does it contain alcohol or lanolin? Be very careful about what you put on your skin. Remember, that when you perspire this can cause problems and exercising can also cause your skin to react to whatever chemicals you place on your skin.

Just as we try to think about what we put in our mouths for meals to stay healthy, think about your body too in terms of clothing, detergents and skin care so it can be able to clear and heal.

Source by Dee Cohen

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