Hypnosis for Hypochondria – Why It’s the Best Hypochondria Treatment


It’s like having a bad dream over and over again… You feel sick, but your doctor says you’re fine, so you become obsessed with researching what could be causing your symptoms. For hypochondriacs, stressing over health issues is part of everyday life – but it doesn’t have to be.

That’s because hypochondriacs aren’t really sick. If you’re one of them, though, you’re convinced that you have some sort of illness. In fact, you may be constantly looking for health problems – like lumps, sores, aches, and pains. You may go from doctor to doctor, looking for someone to clear up your mysterious health issue, but they all come up empty. In fact, all of the doctors you see tell you that you’re perfectly healthy.

So, why can’t you shake the feeling that something is horribly wrong?

Your subconscious is convinced that you’re sick and, for some reason, has an intense fear of getting sick. As a result, you’re obsessed and anxious about potential symptoms and diseases. Then, when you do research and read about symptoms and diseases you’ve never heard of, it only fuels your anxiety. Your subconscious has got you in a vicious cycle, and unfortunately, it’s impossible to change your subconscious’ mind without professional help.

That’s where hypnosis for hypochondria comes in!

Hypnosis is the best hypochondria treatment because it’s the only one that goes straight to the problem in your subconscious mind. Other treatments try to rationalize with your conscious mind. Consciously, you may understand that you’re not sick. However, your subconscious is the part of your mind that’s calling the shots.

During hypnosis for hypochondria, you will go into a hypnotic state that’s similar to a trance. In it, you will have an extreme ability to concentrate. As a result, when your consulting hypnotist asks you questions, you will be able to respond with answers that are directly from your subconscious. This is something you never would be able to do in your normal, conscious state.

Through hypnosis, you may discover that your fear of getting sick traces back to your mother, who was obsessive about keeping germs away. Your subconscious took note of her behavior and developed an irrational fear of getting sick.

No matter what’s causing your issue, hypnosis for hypochondria is designed to re-train your subconscious, so that it understands the difference between general concerns about your health and well-being, and this irrational fear that’s taking over your entire life.

In the example with your mother, hypnosis for hypochondria would teach your subconscious that your mother was behaving irrationally – and that her behavior should not be modeled. Or, you and your consulting hypnotist may teach your subconscious that your mother was right to want to keep germs away – but the way she went about doing it was over-the-top.

Once your subconscious learns to separate legitimate illnesses from imagined ones, you won’t be a hypochondriac anymore!

Source by Eli Bliliuos

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