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Indoor Cycling Class Routines – Top Five Classic Rock Songs For Cycling Classes


Are you participating in indoor cycling or spinning classes? Are you over the age of 35 or just a fan of classic rock? Here are five great classic rock songs that are perfect for your next class…

Indoor cycling classes, often called ...Read More

Life Fitness X3-5 Elliptical Trainer Review


We reviewed and used the Life Fitness X3-5 elliptical trainer over a period of 3 weeks. We also interviewed Life Fitness X3-5 owners as well as several people who had used the elliptical trainer in the gym or ...Read More

Important Facts About Steps Aerobics You Should Know


If you are an enthusiast fan of most aerobic exercises, you may have considered escalating your workout intensity with step aerobics equipment. The objective of participating in step aerobics are the mostly the same as other aerobics workouts ...Read More

Why is Aerobics Exercise So Popular?

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Since 1970, the aerobics exercise has become increasingly popular. Hundreds of aerobics exercise videos were sold. There are many different kind of aerobics exercise being performed all over the world.

Aerobics exercise is a special ...Read More

The True Cause Of Allergies – It’s In The Liver


I used to be allergic and asthmatic. Allergy shots and allergy treatments from age 6 to age 16 made me into a spacey human pin cushion. Inhalers and medications were kept in every corner of my life. I remember going to ...Read More

Suggested Acupuncture Cure For Non-stop Eye Blinking


Note: The following is only meant as reference materials to the intended readers.

This is intended as a self-administered therapy strongly recommended only for the grown adults due to miscellaneous physical factors.

Well, regarding the acupuncture point for the suggested cure for non-stop ...Read More

Acupuncture For Asthma – Fact Or Fiction?


Acupuncture for asthma may sound like an odd combination. One is a common disease that affects approximately 20 million Americans; the other is a mysterious, esoteric, alternative medicine technique. Lots of people have asthma, but not many people have tried acupuncture.

But ...Read More

Differences Between Flu-Like Symptoms and Allergies


If you’re in bed all day with flu-like symptoms, allergies could be the actual root cause. Often, people mistake simple allergy signs for more severe conditions like a cold or the flu.

So, to gain more understanding about the differences between allergic ...Read More

How To Build Lean Muscle For The Ideal Male Body

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The question of how to build lean muscle for the ideal male body is one of the main drivers of the health and fitness industry. Still despite masses of information out there it’s not all helping. A lot of the advice ...Read More

Can PQQ Help With Depression?


From skincare products to testosterone to hair restoration treatment, the anti-aging industry continues to post record returns as consumers search for the elusive modern equivalent to the Fountain of Youth.With estimated net revenues of $122.3 billion in 2013, the massive global ...Read More