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Relocation Depression – Some Symptoms and Strategies to Overcome It


After the boxes are unpacked, the phone is set up, and you’ve sorted out all the other necessities, you may find yourself depressed after a move to a new place. The hardest part of this is that often times, you don’t ...Read More

How Depression Affects School Performance


When a teen is failing or doing poorly in school, parents may react with understandable frustration and try all sorts of strategies, from bribery to punishment, to get their teen to turn things around. When all things fail, tension rises and ...Read More

Brown Rice May Raise Serotonin Levels to Help Depression


Depression is a psychological condition caused by a variety of chemical and environmental factors. However, studies generally reveal that people suffering from depression have higher serotonin levels than their non-depressed counterparts. Several studies have shown that this neurotransmitter’s balance may be ...Read More

Depression – The Basics

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Depression: Defined

Depression is often confused with sadness. Everyone feels sad or “down in the dumps” at times in their lives. Sadness is a natural reaction to something upsetting or painful. It is also a transient feeling that typically passes when someone ...Read More

Eight Types of Nurses


Nurses are respected and valued members of the medical community. They play a critical role in the health care field. Although the medical field is made up of many types of nurses, they are all exciting and rewarding careers. The following ...Read More

4 Secrets to Speed Up Bone Healing


Have you ever broken an arm, foot, leg, wrist or any part of your body before? Or are you still currently healing from a broken bone? If you have, then you would want to speed up the healing of your fractured ...Read More

Depression – Brief Definition


Depression can be defined as a mental state that is characterized by an attitude that is pessimistic and melancholic with a lack of mental and physical activity. When a person suffers from depression, there is a reduced amount ...Read More

3 Side Effects of UV Teeth Whitening – Shocking Facts Revealed

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What is UV Teeth Whitening

This method uses lasers or ultra violet light to accelerate the bleaching process. Chemicals or bleaching gels are used on the teeth, the laser or UV light accelerates the process, activating ...Read More

The Benefits of Going to the Dentist


If the dentist office is one of your least favorite places to visit, you're not alone. Many adults and children do not like going to the dentist. Some avoid the dentist out of fear while others out ...Read More

The Best Hospitals in Cape Town, South Africa


Cape Town is the second-most popular city in South Africa and is the legislative capital of the nation. This harbor city is recognized as one of the 10 most beautiful cities in the world by Forbes. Cape ...Read More