The Innovative Brigg Ultra Ergonomic Recliner and Why It’s the Best of the Best


As an ergonomic recliner, the Brigger Ultra Recliner is the ultimate in comfort as well as one of the best models you can purchase. No matter what you want to do in this chair you can very easily and comfortably recline in the zero gravity position, or find the perfect angle for reading or watching TV. You will fall in love with this model and everything it allows you do in it.

You will find that when you choose to use the recline position, this model places you in the same zero gravity position that astronauts use during liftoff. This position has been found relieves back discomfort while at the same time providing maximum therapeutic support for your bodies aches and pains. Plus your torso is also superbly and properly aligned to your thighs, as well as your lower legs are positioned above your heart for what we all know provides much better circulation.

You will love how every joint and muscle is aligned for maximum relaxation and comfort. The end result of utilizing this chair is that you will feel calm, relaxed and totally stress free no matter what you end up doing while sitting in this chair.

This fabulous ergonomic anti-gravity recliner also comes with all the ergonomic type of features that you can possibly want and expect from the brand of furniture with its long history of comfort and versatility like Brigger furniture. Not only will you get their adjustable Lumbar support for your lower back, but you will also get one of the very best ergonomically designed cushions that not only support your back but also support your body exactly where you need it the very most.

Plus this recliner features the Ultra footrest that is easily made to be extended even further than other chairs of this type for those of us who have longer legs, and when you don’t need it just keep underneath the seat. In addition, this great type of footrest tilts for added comfort.

Source by William B. Beacham

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