The Mindset of Bulimic and Anorexic People


It is unknown why certain events or circumstances can affect one on a personal level. The environment changes affect those who live within that environment, especially on the subconscious level. Understanding the Bulimic and Anorexic eating disorders can reflect that the environment can somehow change how one thinks and believes.

Many of us change our minds every day usually when we learn something new. Thoughts and opinions can evolve and change over time especially if the same information is constantly repeated. The thought processes of a Bulimia and Anorexia sufferers are very complex and it is not understand as to why the mind initiates one to take the steps towards an eating disorder.

Neither food abuser will acknowledge that they have an eating problem; if they did then they would have to acknowledge their feelings that make them abuse food and their bodies. Neither are happy with themselves and neither want to gain weight. Somehow their psychological thought processes have been disrupted and changed from believing that they are good people to believing that they are not worthy of others, that they have lost control of their life, that they can no longer fit in, that they must find a way to feel better even if it’s just for a moment.

Both the Bulimic and Anorexic have strong thoughts about how others perceive them; they try to be how others want them to be but fail. The mindset changes and begins to use food as an escape. Food can be controlled, whether a very large amount is eaten or a very tiny portion is eaten. Once the food has been eaten, the overwhelming sense that they have done something wrong causes them to purge the food as a way to cleanse the body. They feel ashamed and depressed of their emotions and feelings and the abuse of food will cycle again.

Society repeats skinny bodies wearing new clothes with lots of people around them. Society wants thin people; this is shown over and over on television, magazines and at the mall. Clothes shopping will state the same thing as one walks through the racks of clothes; one will find smaller sizes and the worst part that the sizes now run smaller. This makes a huge psychological impact on one who doesn’t want to wear a “bigger size”; in order to fit into the “new” sizes, one simply must lose weight.

Wanting to be recognized as thin, to be able to wear the new fashions, to be acknowledged by others without being teased or ridiculed by one’s looks or weight is mentally frustrating. A Bulimic and Anorexic simply want to fit in, they want to be liked but if they don’t meet the high standards that they have set for themselves, they become depressed and ashamed. They turn to food for comfort, for a sense of control. In time, their “control” over food is controlling them. Being able to identify the symptoms can and will help stop the cycle of binging and purging by changing the negative thoughts and feelings into those of positive and successful.

Source by Kate Walsh

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