What Does Diindolyimethane Or Dim Do About Estrogen Dominance?


DIM and Estrogen dominance

Diindolyimethane does not actually reduce the amount of estrogen in out bodies but it does change the way our bodies’ method of expelling estrogen. It creates less bad 16-hyroxy metabolites and more good estrogen 2-hydroxy metabolites, which in itself helps to regulate estrogen dominance.

The effect of those results and subsequent cancer risks has been studied in small scale and large scale studies, as well as longitudinal studies. In the large case study thousands of urine samples were obtained and kept for nineteen years. The samples were then examined for good estrogen 2-hydroxy and bad 16-hyroxy metabolites. Women who had elevated levels of estrogen 2-hydroxy have less incidence of breast cancer. This evidence has been supported by three smaller studies.

Diindolyimethane naturally and in DIM a substitute form enhance the activities of enzymes found in pathways to the liver. Originally it naturally reduces estrogen and reduces estrogen dominance, but separate studies have shown that it has an added bonus. If there are cancer cells present Diindolyimethane inhibits the growth of the tumors. When Diindolyimethane is taken as a nutritional supplement it has to be in specialized compound so the bodily can readily assimilate it and extract all the anti cancerous properties. Most women find that 120 mg of DIM complex reduce estrogen dominance. However some women have an exceptionally high level of estrogen and they have to double this dosage by taking the 120mg in the morning and at night.

Fortunately DIM supplements have no major side effects, a very small number of women experience minor stomach upsets. But the vast majority find that taking the DIM on a full stomach eliminates the problem. It must be noted that the supplemental form has a similar characteristic to the fresh cruciferous vegetables; it has the power to alter the color of the urine, during the period that you take it. This is the same effect that occurs when you eat a kilo of asparagus or broccoli naturally. If you drink about six glasses of water a day this change should not be apparent, but even if it is it is perfectly normal.

More and more women are availing themselves of a natural way to rid their body of hormonal imbalances and the more that we understand and can map the endocrine system, the more likely it is that these natural substances will be recommended. The results are safe and more predictable than throwing more hormones at the problem. However a small number of women find that the problems that they experience during the menopause make FRT a necessity. There are no rights and wrongs in this situation, but all women must weigh up the pros and cons on an individual basis. If you want a safer more natural alternative to HRT then it is worth talking to your health care provider about DIM. There is no harm in eating more cabbage, turnips and broccoli naturally as they are members of the cruciferous family. Cancer survival statistics can only be improved by a little natural help.

Source by Rita Goldman

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